You can build just anything in minutes.
Simply choose pre-defined blocks and go explore in a variety of combinations.

The best CMS model ever!

It 'a completely new way of designing the model. We have enriched the set and completely redesigned, with more than 16 basic types of blocks that the new trends of the web pages must have. Check out our more than 10 examples below to see the endless combinations to create truly professional sites.

Ease of use

We give you complete control over each content block. Create, edit and assign custom content with ease.

Multiple designs

A handful of carefully crafted designs at your fingertips, ready to be combined in different ways.

Endless customisation

Easy editing & define your page-specific field sets within each block. Full control over each Less file.

Content creator friendly

With the user-friendly Advanced Custom Module, update content with just a few clicks.

Robust content block

The modular design bring freedom and creativity to create your own flexible personalised pages.

Moving forward

Our CMS is starting point for us to explore cool stuffs like drag-and-drop ability, inline editing etc.

18+ Pre-built Blocks

A quick statistics about what make the awesomeness and beauty of Uber.

  • 10 Prebuilt Sites
  • 79 ACM Blocks
  • 500 Working Hours
  • 20 Passionate Guys

We optimise CMS
Make it


16+ Block types

At this phase, we round up typical blocks that CMS has to offer. Each block type comes with multiple styles.


Flexible customisation

Each block has its own less file, so you have full control to define your own class and style.


Content creator friendly

Completely separate content & design. No longer mixing HTML syntax embedded inside articles.

New cool things

Allow us to dig deeper into the modular block approach which eases our page management efforts.

Flexible Framework

The most powerful template framework at your fingertips. Take full control of your design masterpiece.

A new world with our CMS!